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Digital Marketing tips to increase the sales of bathroom accessories

When coming up with any digital marketing plan, it helps to get the basics right, writes Daniel M



Digital marketing tips for sale of bathroom accessories
Digital marketing tips for sale of bathroom accessories (Image Source:

Have you been struggling to achieve sales for your bathroom accessories?  If yes, the answer could lie in digital marketing.

There are so many advantages to using the online platform. It gives access to a broad audience base.

The marketing team has tons of avenues and strategies to use. There is a lot of customization and flexibility with what you can do. Add on to this the cost-effectiveness of digital marketing. If you compare it to analog advertising, the savings are huge.

But, digital marketing can be challenging if you do not do it well. That is why we have taken the time to list down some amazing tips that can transform your marketing. Let’s dive into some of them in our article below.

1. Focus on the Unique Attributes of Your Products

If you Google bathroom accessories, you can expect thousands of responses. What you will realize is there is nothing unique that distinguishes many of them.

The challenge for digital marketers is to find that one unique differentiating attribute. Let’s take the example of selling freestanding bathtubs.

Beyond the functionality of the bathtub, what differentiates your product portfolio? Focus on factors that could attract a specific audience segment. Those with a leaning towards traditional decor would like to know more about vintage clawfoot bathtubs. But that’s not all. Build on the product even more by highlighting things like:-

  • The type of material available such as fiberglass clawfoot tubs or acrylic clawfoot tubs
  • Multiple functionalities such as clawfoot tubs with showers or clawfoot tubs shower enclosures
  • Design styles such as clawfoot slipper tubs or modern clawfoot tubs
  • Contribution to decor ideas with modern clawfoot tubs or vintage clawfoot tubs.
  • Customization options to fit any budget, and so on.
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Find out what your customers want when deciding on the unique things to focus on. A brainstorming session with the sales team can yield a lot of information. They are, after all, in direct contact with the customers.

2. Research the Right Keywords

As a digital marketer, you know the importance of using the right keywords. It is a powerful search engine optimization (SEO) technique. The brand can achieve a higher ranking, thus improving visibility to online users.

The trick is to avoid those that are popular in your industry. Take advantage of keyword research tools to make the task easy.

Let’s go back to the example of clawfoot bathtubs. A SEMRush search shows the following results.

Digital marketing for Bathroom Accessories - SEMRush

Digital marketing tips

Image source: SEMRush

The tool lets you know the number of people searching for clawfoot bathtubs and the level of popularity. It goes on to give keywords and variations to use.

Remember, the trick is to go for keywords that do not have a lot of competition. Once you decide on the right ones, there is so much you can do. You can use such for product descriptors, landing pages, blog posts, video content, and much more.


3. Combine Organic and Paid Approaches

Digital marketing requires the right combination of organic and paid approaches. Search engine optimization provides a fantastic way to grow organic audiences.

You may not see immediate ROI with SEO. But, it is an effective way of building trust and loyalty amongst the target audience. The idea with an organic approach is to get the customer to come to you.

Let’s take the example of content creation as a strategy. The benefits are many including:-

  • Becoming the go-to source of information around bathroom accessories
  • Ability to showcase expertise with well-researched, informative content. This could be in the form of articles, whitepapers, and research findings.
  • Become a knowledge source and solution provider with how-to tutorials and other video content
  • Create an industry footprint through link building opportunities
  • Become a source of news to media houses through PR initiatives.
  • The digital marketing team can use such free strategies quite effectively.
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The paid approach provides a boost to the organic approach. They can, for example, boost social media posts. Other paid approaches include special promotions, PPC advertising, Google Ads, and banners.

The marketing team can reach a wider audience. Paid advertising also allows for specific audience targeting and retargeting campaigns.

4. Incorporate Plenty of Visual Cues

Let’s go back to the example of vintage clawfoot bathtubs.  If you were to put the description in words, it would be hard to bring out its features. You would also depend on the reader’s ability to translate your words into a mental visual.

And, think about the social media platforms. No one has time to read lengthy product descriptors. You will achieve instant engagement with photos.

The truth is, words sometimes don’t convey things that clearly. That is why visual cues are a powerful tool in selling bathroom accessories. Take plenty of high-quality pictures and videos of the product.

Avoid stock pictures as much as possible. Other people and/or brands could be using the same photos. A customer who stumbles across the same images on other sites could have doubts about the authenticity of what you are selling.

Investing in professional photography is, therefore, a worthwhile decision. The team gets plenty of photographs and videos they can use across the different digital platforms. They can change them as often as they want, thus giving audiences more content.

Also, focus on creating captivating product descriptors. Do not forget to optimize keywords based on what customers are likely to search for.


Final Thoughts

When coming up with any digital marketing plan, it helps to get the basics right. What are your goals and who is the target audience? After that, it becomes easier to decide on the platforms and type of content.

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We have shared 4 tips that can help increase the sales for your bathroom products. Focus on bringing out the unique attributes. You want to highlight the differentiating factor from what other competitors have to offer.

Search engine optimization is critical in digital marketing. That is why the teams must take sufficient time in keyword research. Take advantage of the available tools to simplify the task.  The right mix of organic and paid advertising can be very effective.

And finally, use plenty of visual cues to engage with audiences. Remember, the online user has a limited attention span. Finding a way to capture and keep their attention is critical. You can achieve so much more with images and videos, than text.

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