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Top 15 digital marketing trends and predictions for 2022 by ADMARP

ADMARP has predicted that organisations will deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) and personalisation technologies that will better improve ‘audience targeting’ with regards to advertising.



ADMARP Digital Marketing Predictions 2022 released
Digital Marketing (Image by Unsplash/Carlos Muza)

The Association of Digital Marketing Professionals (ADMARP), a Nigeria-based professional body for digital marketing and new media practitioners, has released digital marketing trends and predictions for year 2022, can report.

ADMARP ‘s predictions are not far from Statista’s report on digital marketing in 2021 which recorded that the share of global mobile revenues was 59.5% in 2021.

Meanwhile, the expected share in 2026 will be 70.0%. The most affected segment will be Video Advertising. Here, we expect a shift in shares of around 18.3% leading to a mobile share of 84.1% in 2026.

ADMARP Digital Marketing Predictions 2022:

ADMARP Digial Marketing Predictions 2022

1. Increased incorporation of AI and personalisation technologies:

ADMARP has predicted that organisations will deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) and personalisation technologies that will better improve ‘audience targeting’ with regards to advertising.

Ized Uanikhehi, CEO/CMO, Loose Media Limited

Ized Uanikhehi, CEO/CMO, Loose Media Limited

Speaking to this during a special session on Thursday, December 30 2021, Ized Uanikhehi, CEO/CMO, Loose Media Limited, said that a lot more incorporation of AI and personalization technologies will be seen in the digital marketing space for improved insights that will help targeting most likely to purchase customers very precisely or at least a lot more precise.

Uanikhehi further said that marketing will be a lot less “try your luck” this year and more data driven.

“Timing: More businesses and marketers are utilizing AI and personalization technologies to reach their customers at the right times e.g. Instagram/Facebook/Twitter Insights, etc.

“A Nigerian company to watch out for will be Spire – their technologies aid in helping brands better understand their audiences and enhance customer experiences. They can also improve the accuracy of their marketing campaigns, thus giving better ROI”.

2. Privacy will remain major concerns

Continuing, Uanikhehi said that privacy is a major concern for internet users, as people are becoming more security conscious.

“This of course will be a lot more heightened in 2022. Marketers should in advance evaluate the effect this will have on their

“Platforms already using algorithms will evolve, others not using will become algorithm based. There are and will be a lot of algorithm shifts in Social Media platforms. In order to stay relevant, brands must constantly evolve by understanding the algorithms at different points in time, to ensure their content is visible.


In summary, the Loose Media Limited boss said key things for marketers to note is that this will open up a personnel need in 2022 while AI and Algorithms experts, ensuring that every content visibility is maximized.

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3. The rise in performance/precision marketing demand

Performance/precision marketing demand will be on the rise both from a resource and brand point of view, according to Temitayo Ige, the brand manager- Digital (Central, East & West Africa) at Beiersdorf.

Ige who superintended an award winning Nourishing Cocoa campaign using WhatsApp Chatbot (amongst other platforms) and integrating UGC with Digital OOH in 2021, said the performance/precision marketing demand will lead to need for more data (1st party as much as possible) and increase personalization.

Temitayo Ige, the brand manager- Digital (Central, East & West Africa) at Beiersdorf

Temitayo Ige, the brand manager- Digital (Central, East & West Africa) at Beiersdorf

“Brands will seek opportunity to offer more digital services as value add in place of steep discounts. Influencers partnerships will be more about conversions and not only reach/awareness/engagement”, she added.

4. Surge in smartphone market across Nigeria and emerging markets

Oke Umurhohwo, the marketing manager, itel Mobile, believes that the smartphone market across Nigeria and emerging markets will witness growth in 2022.

Umurhohwo who has led good number of campaigns to the delight of itel Mobile fans in Nigeria, said “This is because the industry will continue its rebound as the global economy returns to normal with the pandemic situation slowly getting under control”.

Oke Umurhohwo, the marketing manager, itel Mobile

Oke Umurhohwo, the marketing manager, itel Mobile

5. The resurgence of Brand Ambassadors and brand amplification by Skit Makers

Offline marketing events including brand activation, student campus events, roadshows etc., will regain dominance as the govt relaxes COVID- 19 rules, he said.

“Skit makers will continue to be a major source of amplifiers and influencing as mobile Video will continue to be a big play of showcasing new products

“Radio will continue to dominant ads spend over TV and Digital because of his widespread coverage in T2-T5 communities”, he added.


6. AR in Branding 

AR (Augmented Reality) will continue to serve as one of the best opportunities for digital marketers to promote their product effectively in 2022, predicts Stanislaus Olusegun Martins, the agency partner, SSA at Meta.

According to him, AR makes it easy for a customer to visualize the product before purchasing hence digital packaging makes it more engaging and drives higher sales.

He also urged digital marketers to study metaverse and the role it will play in the digital space in the new-year.

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“There are other examples like the AR for Brands, Quest2, Spark AR, Reality Labs, Also, there will be the ‘Rise of Content Creators and Influencers’.

7. Mobile Video will continue to be a big play

Nodding in agreement with Umurhohwo on increase in smartphone market across Nigeria and the emerging markets, Martins said that consumers will continue to crave for mobile video contents.

ADMARP - Stanislaus Olusegun Martins, the agency partner, SSA at Meta

Stanislaus Olusegun Martins, the agency partner, SSA at Meta

A recent report by Ericsson shows a growth of mobile broadband subscriptions across SSA. Driving factors behind the growth include a young, growing population with increasing digital skills and more affordable smartphones.

Also, an average traffic per smartphone in Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to reach 8.9GB while region’s mobile broadband subscriptions are set to account for 76% of all mobile subscriptions by 2025.

8. Online commerce solutions – The Search for Seamless Shopping

The e-commerce sector is thriving fast globally and innovative minds are putting forward new and sustainable solutions to make the sector thrive even better.


Speaking to this, Martins predicted the increased deployment of solutions to make online shopping seamless.

9. The Cookieless Future

He reminded the ecosystem players to prepare for life without cookies. Remember that Google has planned to do away with third party (3P) cookies in Chrome (the browser with 2/3 market share) and Apple does away with access to device identifiers on iOS.

He said that marketers must review their processes to understand how the action by Google will impair the ability to target individuals.

10. Measurement x Testing

Over the years, measuring the true value of marketing or influencer campaigns has been the biggest challenge for the marketing communicator.

Yes, indeed. Before the arrival of Independent PR measurement services, it used to be so nightmarish to calculate value with a 360 degrees approach. Martins predicted that in the new year and beyond, clients will demand more investigations to see whether “you met your set objectives and overall goal just as you promised in your strategic plan”.

11. Industry driven evolution

In his predictions, Oladipupo Ogunseye, marketing manager, CoralPay Technology, called attention to what he termed ‘Industry driven evolution”. According to him, “CBN just recategorized its licenses and issued new ones to new players in Q4 2021 so we would expect that many existing players will play in other verticals they are not playing in at the moment.

ADMARP - Oladipupo Ogunseye, marketing manager, CoralPay Technology

Oladipupo Ogunseye, marketing manager, CoralPay Technology

He also agreed Martins on Influencer – Brand Partnerships which he said will increase and will likely reduce the authenticity of Influencer relationships in fintech marketing over the course of next year. “Every major brand is presently signing an ambassador or Influencer”, Ogunseye said.

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“Events led Marketing to continue for fintechs in NG as many of the aim to achieve onboarding from ticket sales and event attendees. Brand sponsorship will also increase which will increase consumer awareness to ads and therefore, more creativity would be required to drive fintech marketing on digital.


12. Increase in Digital Ad spend

Digital Ad spend to generally increase as these changes will mean newer players which will likely be smaller teams which can run experimental digital campaigns more than bigger teams in the industry, Ogunseye further predicted.

A report by Zenith Media had estimated that advertising across all digital channels will exceed 60% of global adspend for the first time in 2022, reaching 61.5% of total expenditure; their share will rise to 65.1% by 2024.

13. Growth will become more mainstream

In his digital marketing predictions for 2022, Oluwapelumi Oyetimein, the partner, Blake & Kemp LLC, said that growth will become more mainstream as more companies focus on conversions.

Oluwapelumi Oyetimein

Oluwapelumi Oyetimein, partner, Blake & Kemp LLC; President, DigiClan Africa

Oyetimein, who is also the President, DigiClan Africa, said that with FB & Instagram doubling down on video, we will see more tools focused on easier video creation as companies try to take advantage of the shift.

“Something I want to happen will be to make Influencer Marketing more conversion-focused. Unfortunately, I doubt that will change anytime soon.

14. Demand for better data analysis

“As more companies become more conversion-focused, there will be an increase in demand for better data analysis and people who can’t do that may be at a disadvantage for juicy roles.

15. The birth of more growth-focused agencies

“More growth-focused agencies will attempt to start but the African landscape won’t make their initial attempts work out.

Oti Ukubeyinje, president of ADMARP

Oti Ukubeyinje, president of ADMARP

Oti Ukubeyinje, president of ADMARP and vice president, Marketing at Terragon, who moderated the session on ADMERP Digital Marketing Predictions 2022 said that with over 1,000 registered members across Nigeria, the Association is led by a team of globally certified digital marketing professionals with hands-on experience managing multinational portfolios.

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