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6 Tips to Keep Your Home Warm and Boost Your Savings


Aug 8, 2022
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With rising living costs top of mind, you may be wondering how to keep your home warm without spending too much money. It’s a challenge to stay cosy without paying astronomical energy bills every month.

Keep the cold out with these savvy ways to stay warm this winter, without breaking the bank.

1. Warm your feet

There’s something about having warm feet that helps your whole body feel warmer. But don’t stop there. Investing in proper clothes that retain your body heat will go a long way in keeping you comfortable.

Think along the lines of thick hoodies, ski socks, down and insulated jackets, and other thermally optimised garments you could layer.

Go on! Reach for those sheepskin slippers, snug beanies, and chunky knit scarves, and make sure they’re ready for action.

2. Block your chimneys

If you’ve opted out of using your chimney, be sure to install a chimney balloon or insulator to prevent cold air from blowing down, and to stop warm air from escaping up.

Covering your fireplace with, for example, a log-sliced insert can also help prevent drafts and warm up the room.

While you’re on the hunt for sneaky draughts, now’s the time to ensure your roof space, windows, and doors are insulated against the cold. Door stoppers work wonders to keep cold air outside.

3. Rugs to the rescue

If you’ve been eyeing a vintage Moroccan rug, you’ve found the perfect reason to revamp your bedrooms and lounge.

By covering your floors with good-quality rugs, your home will feel much more inviting. Thick rugs, in particular, will prevent heat loss through the floor.

4. Blankets a plenty

What’s better than snuggling down to watch your favourite series over the weekend with a snuggly blanket when it’s frosty outside?

Make sure the spaces you spend the most time in all have their own selection of blankets and throws to serve as extra layers of warmth for your family and your guests.

5. Invest in a fast-heating air-conditioner

If you’d like an easy, no-nonsense approach to keeping comfortable this winter, it’s time to turn to the latest air-conditioning technology.

The low-noise LG Dual Inverter Heating & Cooling Split Air Conditioner is designed to heat spaces quickly and evenly, so it’ll help you warm up in no time.

LG’s power-saving Dual Inverter Compressor™ saves more energy than a conventional compressor and provides an ideal way to heat your home ─ minus the excessive energy costs. The compressor constantly adjusts its speed to maintain desired temperature levels and features a power-saving operation range frequency that saves up to 70% energy compared to a conventional compressor.

Plus, the LG Active Energy Control function button enables users to adjust performance and energy consumption depending on how many people are in a space. Smart!

6. Don’t forget the doggy door

Cat flaps and doggy doors are a major source of unwelcome draughts, so make sure the seal around the frame is working properly. Adding a layer of silicone sealant or rubber insulation tape to the frame will ensure a tight fit.

Armed with these tips, the cold won’t get you down this season. All it takes is a bit of preparation and some help from the latest innovative appliances, and you can enjoy your cosiest winter yet.


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