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Customer Experience with LG

Customer cover a wide range of activities that take place before, during, and following an interaction with a product or service.

Everything You Need to Know About LG Dual Inverter Technology

LG Air Conditioner, Cooling with a difference As innovation and creativity walk hand in hand with change, LG took a step further to upgrade from the Inverter technology to Dual…

10 Years of LG OLED:  A Decade at the Top and No Sign of Slowing Down

LG’s OLED TVs account for 60 percent of all OLED TVs sold worldwide, and exceeded 15 million units in terms of cumulative shipments at the end of last year. 

LG Upgrade Customers Home with Premium Home Theatre System

Who needs their home Audio upgraded to a new one! We all know the feeling when you get a surprise package you least expected.

Beat the Heat in Dry Season with LG Air Conditioner

…Snatch a glimpse of the best Split AC that you must bring home to survive through the scorching heat and hot waves of the Dry season

LG Smart TV: Enjoy Great Features And Stunning Design  

When deciding on a new TV, price and screen size are likely to shape any shortlist you come up with. Nevertheless, within that seemingly simple filtering process are a whole…

Keep Food Fresh and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle with LG Refrigerator

LG Electronics …brings new possibilities and efficiency to the kitchen

6 Tips to Keep Your Home Warm and Boost Your Savings

With rising living costs top of mind, you may be wondering how to keep your home warm without spending too much money.

LG Laundry – Alleviate the Burden of Daily Cloth Pile-up

…Win an LG Washing Machine with a visit to LG Laundromat

LG steps up laundry experience with latest in washing, drying solutions showcase at CES 2022

At CES 2022, LG Electronics (LG) is showcasing a smarter, more seamless way to get laundry done with its new washer and dryer pair, and LG WashTower. The new laundry…