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Enextgen’s Report shows Quality of Wireless Broadband on Lagos Island

ByYinka Okeowo

Feb 2, 2022

Enextgen Wireless has released a new report revealing the quality of wireless broadband deployed by the top Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in Nigeria, namely; MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9Mobile on Lagos Island.

Lagos Island
Lagos Island

In the latest report, the company which has been providing consumer experience on mobile networks through its flagship National Independent Wireless Broadband Quality Reporting (NIWBQR) which measures the quality of effort in Radio Frequency engineering invested in commercial LTE network, focuses on the quality of 4G LTE on Lagos Island.

Key reports from NIWBQR are available to the public through the website within one hour of data collection.

NIWBQR gives the Nigerian public visibility into the quality of mobile broadband networks (4G LTE) provided by the major MNOs in Nigeria.

“We use our proprietary logging tool (enextlog) for collecting UE logs and our proprietary platform (Premetrics) for post-processing the UE logs in other to create NIWBQR reports and perform analysis for other purposes”, said Engineer, Aderemi Adeyeye, President/CEO of Enext Inc.

Enextgen Wireless gave weights for overall ranking of the current report, as follows:

  • 50%, RF Quality (Emetrics plus IRATs to 3G plus Radio Link Failures).
  • 30%, packet latency and drops
  • 10%, Uplink throughput
  • 10%, Downlink throughput

Evaluated Route

Lagos Island NIWBQR

NIWBQR Ranking

Lagos Island NIWBQR

“Emetrics is our proprietary ranking of the level or RF optimization performed based on our experience in evaluating LTE RF quality. It uses a combination of RSRQ and SINR. It is independent of RSRP.

“Although strong RSRP should lead to excellent Emetrics, with proper RF optimization even relatively low RSRP could provide good Emetrics”, he said.

Here are the Reports:

Lagos Island Emetrics (a component of RF Quality)

Lagos Island NIWBQR

Lagos Island (RF Quality) Ranking

Lagos Island NIWBQR

56-byte Packet Latency Ranking

Enextgen Wireless Lagos Island NIWBQR


Packet Latency Distribution(ms)

Enextgen Wireless Lagos Island NIWBQR

Downlink Throughput Ranking

Enextgen Wireless Lagos Island NIWBQR

Downlink Throughput Distribution (mbps)

Enextgen Wireless Lagos Island NIWBQR

Uplink Throughput Ranking

Enextgen Wireless Lagos Island NIWBQR

Uplink Throughput Distribution (Mbps)

Enextgen Wireless Lagos Island NIWBQR


From the tables and diagrams above, Glo LTE has shown substantial quality improvement along the evaluated route.

Also, the degradation in RF quality for MTN is noticeable.

Interestingly, Airtel offers the highest downlink throughput, an advantage when it comes to downloading large files from the internet.

Packet latency in 9Mobile is good.

Visit: https://metrics.enextwireless.com/ for more details.



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