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ENTRY – Fourth BRI Short Video Competition Calls for Entries


May 11, 2022

With “Blending Civilizations for a Harmonious Global Community” as its theme, the Fourth Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Short Video Competition has been officially opened on March 24, 2022.

Call for entries:

The videos should chronicle stories of international cooperation, from the perspectives of local residents in BRI countries and builders in BRI projects, within the BRI framework and the changes brought about by the initiative to individuals, economic and social development of countries along the BRI routes.

It is hoped that these short videos would reflect the true stories and friendships among partner countries and regions.

Guidelines for submissions:


Send the video with the title and introduction of the work, name of contestant and contact information to video@huanqiu.com.

The results will be notified by the organizing committee through email.

Step 2: Upload on Social Media Platforms

Post the work through personal accounts on social media platforms including Kuaishou, Douyin, Bilibili, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Kwai, and TikTok with the hashtag “WorldKaleidoscope”.


Submission: Mar24 – Sept 12, 2022

Voting: Sept 19 – Sept 23, 2022

Evaluation by Experts: Sept 26 – Sept 30, 2022

Announcement of Results: Oct 10, 2022


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