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FEKRA Appointed Technodyn Partner in Africa


May 13, 2022

Technodyn International, the exclusive strategic partner for global cloud enterprise software company IFS in Sub-Saharan Africa, has signed a commercial partnership agreement appointing FEKRA Digital Services, a multinational IT services company specialising in consulting, implementing, and maintaining, as a partner supporting the growth of IFS in the African region.

FEKRA is experienced IFS Silver partner with more than 200 consultants in France and abroad, 90+ of which are IFS experts.

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The organisation has focused on IFS product distribution in France and India. However, following its appointment as a Technodyn partner, the company will be extending its footprint into Africa, starting in its offices and service centre based in Madagascar.

“With more than 27 million people, Madagascar has a well-established ICT sector and numerous manufacturing and assembly plants for electronic components,” says Heman Kassan, Chief Commercial Officer at Technodyn. “With several subsidiaries of world-leading multinationals based there, the opportunities to position IFS solutions are extensive. With its knowledge of IFS, FEKRA is ideally positioned to address and service clients in this country through its boots on the ground strategy.”

With its initial expansion into Madagascar, FEKRA and Technodyn will work to build brand awareness for IFS in that market while targeting clients in the mining, services, and aerospace industries. The company will also leverage its extensive knowledge of the IFS ERP, enterprise asset management, enterprise service management, and field service management products and adapt this to meet the needs of local customers.


“Whether it is designing technical architecture, conducting data migration, or deploying solutions in specific industry focus areas, FEKRA has considerable experience dealing with the challenges facing organisations today,” says Hary Razafindrazaka, an executive at FEKRA. “While we already have extensive knowledge of the IFS solution stack, we are looking forward to working with Technodyn as we extend what we deem to be a working model into the African market.”

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According to FEKRA, its Malagasy team is 100% dedicated to assisting clients with IFS delivery and integration projects and strives to add business and technology value to customers on their digital transformation journey.

“FEKRA is a long-standing partner of IFS and has practical knowledge of how best to unlock its value in targeted sectors. The potential of IFS in Madagascar is significant given how rapidly the country is growing due to a robust ICT infrastructure and willingness to embrace the cloud. As Technodyn, we are looking forward to seeing how this partnership grows,” concludes Kassan.



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