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How Adding Creativity to your Marketing Strategies Boosts Customers, Revenue Growth

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

Mar 9, 2023

Creative marketing is the key to getting your products in front of people. It’s also one of the best ways to get them to want to buy from you and recommend you to their friends. 

Creativity can make all the difference in how well your products are received, but it can be hard to know how and where to use this power effectively. 

Here, we’ll discuss some ways you can add creativity into your marketing strategies so that they stand out from competitors’ offerings while still appealing to consumers‘ interests and needs:

How to add creativity to your marketing strategies to gain more customers, revenue

Here’s how creativity can help you stand out from the competition:

  • It helps you create content that is memorable and shareable. If your competitors are already creating quality content, why not join them? The best way to do this is by adding some creativity into your marketing strategy. For example, one of my favourite companies has an interesting name. They also have an interesting logo design. But they don’t stop there; they have unique videos on their YouTube channel to promote their business! In fact, their videos receive thousands of views each month. This shows us how effective it can be when companies add creativity into their marketing strategies when trying to promote themselves through social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter where millions of people use these sites every day just like yours does today!

The power of creativity in marketing is huge

In the world of marketing, creativity is often underappreciated.

Creativity can help you stand out from the competition and be more memorable, unique and engaging. It’s also a powerful tool that can help you achieve results that would otherwise take years to accomplish with more conventional techniques like direct mailings or social media advertising.

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People buy from people they like

In a world where consumers are making purchasing decisions based on emotion and gut instinct, there’s no reason why you can’t use this trend to your advantage.

The first step is understanding that people buy from people they like. This may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember that our brains are wired in such a way that we look for positive reinforcement when we’re considering buying something new or different–even if it isn’t necessarily the best option available at the moment! So if someone gives us positive feedback about something we did or created (like recommending them), then chances are good that they’ll do the same thing again–and maybe even recommend other things as well.

This means everything from online reviews all the way down to word-of-mouth recommendations can have an impact on whether or not someone will purchase from YOU!

They want to interact with people who are interesting and entertaining

  • People want to interact with people who are interesting and entertaining
  • They want to learn from them
  • And they can be entertained by them!

They like to be engaged in a conversation

People like to be engaged in a conversation. They want to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves and they don’t mind if it’s not necessarily something lucrative or profitable for them.


They want to be part of a community and movement that resonates with their personal values, beliefs, etc., so when you’re creating content for your audience, think about what you can use as a platform for people who share similar interests (or even just like reading).

Your brand is not a billboard or a product, it’s about you and what you stand for

Your brand is your personality.

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It’s what people say about you when they leave the store, on social media or in conversations with other people. Your reputation can be different depending on where you live and what industry you work in–that’s why every business must have a consistent message across all platforms (i.e., website; social media profiles; email newsletters). 

The same goes for values: They need to align with how customers view their products/services as well as how they want to be treated by others while doing business with them–and these values should also extend beyond just being communicated through marketing materials like press releases or blog posts; they should permeate into everything from customer service interactions down through internal processes like hiring practices at corporate headquarters (which may include recruiting new employees).

Create content that is memorable and shareable

  • Create content that is memorable and shareable
  • Make sure the content is interesting, entertaining, relevant and unique from the competition

Create content that is unique and different from the competition

In order to create content that’s unique and different from the competition, you need to think about what makes good content.

  • Unique: It should be something that no one else is doing, or could do easily. For example, if someone else is using a certain headline or tagline on their blog posts, it might not be so unique anymore after they’ve done it so many times before–but if yours is the only one using it (or even better, if none of your competitors are), then there’s something special about it! This can mean anything from an interesting idea for a blog post title (“The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Pet Bird To Talk”) to an original way of presenting information (“How Do I Create A Customized House Plan?”).
  • Different: If someone else has already created something similar and popularized it with their audience (like a cat calendar), then don’t just follow suit and make another version yourself; instead try something new! Maybe take some inspiration from other people who have done similar things before but in different ways than yours? Or maybe even go against conventionally expected practices altogether by doing things differently than everyone else would expect.
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Ensure your content has a message that resonates with your audience

Make sure your content is relevant to your audience. You can’t expect people to take the time to read or watch something that doesn’t have any connection to them, and you’re not likely to get any good results from it.

Make sure your content is interesting. If they don’t find it interesting enough in the first place, why would they want to read or watch it?

Make sure your content is entertaining (for example: funny videos). A lot of people are turned off by boring videos that don’t entertain them at all; if there’s no entertainment value in the video itself and only an appeal through shock value (e.g., “Look how crazy this guy was!”), then chances are very low that anyone will bother watching until the end where maybe something funny happens…and then back into boredom after that!  That doesn’t mean all humour should be dark/violent either though; some lighthearted jokes can go along nicely too!

Creativity in marketing can make all the difference in how well your products are received

  • Creativity is the key to success
  • Creativity is a powerful tool that can be used to create content that is memorable and shareable, as well as unique, different from the competition
  • Creativity should be used in all marketing campaigns, from social media posts to brochures or advertisements.




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