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How to Unlock Your Winter Fashion Creativity with HUAWEI Petal Search

ByYinka Okeowo

May 26, 2022
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South Africans are fortunate in that we rarely have a prolonged Winter However, just because we don’t get snowstorms doesn’t mean our wardrobes should go through a barren patch.

The change of season brings us the perfect opportunity to rejig our clothes for the colder months ahead.

Of course, trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends can be a nightmare when you’re juggling a full-time job, family time and still finding time for some personal R&R to catch up on your favourite shows next to the fireplace.

Thankfully, this is where Petal Search comes in. Petal Search allows you to quickly find what is causing a buzz in the haute couture circles around the globe.

Huawei Petal Search
| Huawei Petal Search for your fashion trends


In fact, by simply entering ‘fashion trends South Africa 2022’ into the search box gives you enough wardrobe ideas to last all season.

Whether it’s low-impact luxury wear to focusing on African storytelling, there’s an idea to harness the inner fashionista in all of us.

Your own fashion shows

There is no reason to stop there. Hop on over to the ‘Images’ and ‘Videos’ tabs to view winter clothing creativity in full flight. Whether you’re into male or female fashion, the images section has an array of high-quality photographs to inspire.

If you’re more into seeing how fashion comes to life, the videos section enables you to create your own personalised experience. Easily set the duration, length and quality of your visual entertainment. Petal Search enables you to watch fashion shows from New York to London, to Milan and everywhere else in between.

Enjoy a glimpse of fashion education

Of course, there’s the ‘Scholar’ tab to provide you with amazing insights on fashion from an educational perspective. Fancy yourself as a designer or do you prefer to broaden your horizon? Check this section out to learn everything you could possibly want from the fads and trends, the culture and identity and what makes South African fashion great.

Watching and reading about fashion is all good and well but to truly appreciate it and if you want to buy new clothes and restock your wardrobe with the hottest items, shoes, and accessories, Petal Search has you covered.

Access shops galore from within the ‘Shopping’ tab from your couch, to restock your cupboard quickly with everything you need until Spring arrives.


You can even specify size, colour, material and price to conveniently narrow down your search and get the perfect outfit for that night on the town or just a cosy night in.

Petal Search is your trusty assistant when it comes to all things fashion from the palm of your hand.

Click here to download Petal Search.

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