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Obi Cubana Searches for Indigenous Techies to Develop Smartphones for African Market

ByJustice Godfrey Okamgba

Jul 12, 2022

Business mogul, Obinna Iyiegbu popularly known as Obi Cubana is in search of indigenous techies that will create a smartphone for the African market.

“I’m calling on on the tech-sarvy guys. I want somebody that can come up with an innovation and say, “Obi, I have all the features plus more,” he said during an Instagram live video session monitored by TechEconomy.

Recall that Obi Cubana is also a Cofounder of New Age Mobile Concepts Ltd, a maker of New Age Power Bank, phone chargers, and other phone accessories which was relaunched in Lagos few weeks ago.

During the Instagram Live session, he said, “I’ve been wondering, all theese guys that are Tech-savvy, youngsters. I know you guys are out there millions, thousands, tens of you. But I’ve been wondering why you’ve not been able to develop a telephone, a brand of phone. Just like we have Apple, Samsung…this and that.

Captioning his post on Instagram, Obi Cubana added: “So I have this great idea……I need an African to create a smartphone for Africans….and we make it the BIGGEST thing of the decade…..yes we can!!!!”

“Why have we not been able….a black man, African, a Nigerian develop a product, affordable but has all the features like what I’m using to make this live video right now and say, ‘”This made by one of us, for all of us.

“If I see a guy that says he has the concept and wherewithal to develop a telephone, a mobile phone. A guy that says, “This has been made for us by one of us”. And then we look at it. I will sponsor the guy and bring everything that is needed.”

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“And then we come up with a rugged, fanciful, beautiful and affordable phone for our people. We will support this person, market the idea, sell the phone and even use part of the proceed to do charity, to save people…to send people back to school”, he said in parts.


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  1. Ask him to safe his money. Africa does not need a phone. There are better things Africa needs. How can he compete with the top phone brands like iPhone, Samsung and Huawei, or the other junk brands available in the Market. Cost of technology is too high. Please tell him to safe his money and invest it in Agriculture, Mining, Power generation, infrastructure….those are things Africa needs.

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