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Software Developer Named Most Important Technology Job of the Future


Aug 30, 2022
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With digital skills becoming essential for communication and collaboration among businesses and professionals, Remote has surveyed 500+ employers and employees who work in digital-first or tech industries.

The survey was to determine which digital skills are in the highest demand and which they believe will be the most important in the future. 


28% of respondents believe social media is the most in-demand digital skill in the present-day 

Overall, the digital skill that 28% of respondents (employees and employers together) said was the most crucial to businesses is social media, followed by digital marketing (27%) and software development (24%), giving anyone starting their career in the technology space a good idea of where to focus their efforts. 

The top five most crucial digital skills:

Top Digital Skills 2022
Source: Remote Survey 2022

37% of respondents believe Software Development will be the most important digital job in the future 

With software development already being the third most crucial skill in the present day, the survey also reveals that it will also be the most important digital job in the future (37%), followed by Software engineers (36%) and Workplace Managers (32%).

Top Jobs 2022, software developer
Source: Remote Survey 2022

Job roles such as Head of Automation and Machine Learning Engineer are also listed within the job roles that will be important in the future, with advances in technology meaning businesses will need to find new ways to improve efficiency.

Learning Adobe Creative Suite could set you apart from other candidates

With just over one-fifth (21%) of businesses not providing technology training, there is a great opportunity to become familiar with in-demand skills that can set you apart from the rest in an application process.

The survey asked respondents which digital tools are used within tech industries, based on the most commonly paid-for.

Adobe Creative Suite takes first place (with 29% of respondents saying this was paid for within their business) and in a world of remote working, it’s no surprise to see communicative tools such as Gmail (23%), Slack (17%) and Loom (16%) listed within the top 10. 

Jacob Schatz, head of Automation at Remote adds: 

“With technology constantly advancing, employers also have the responsibility to support their employees with improving digital skill sets. Our survey revealed that nearly 30% of employers are using tools/ software that is 11-15 years old and 26% of respondents also don’t provide technology training. If you expect your team to keep up with digital trends, your equipment and approach to internal training need to complement this.” 

Digital skill sets will continue to be in high demand in the coming years, so whilst it’s important for potential employees to consider this when it comes to seeking opportunities, it’s also important for employers to support both their business and people with keeping up with digital trends. 


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