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To make ePayments work, Nigeria needs to Curb Fraud

Article Written by: Victor Irechukwu, Head of Engineering, OnePipe When a credit alert drops on your phone, chances are you will get excited. Even if it wasn’t a surprise and…

TLG Capital Launches N2.25 Billion Collateralized Credit Facility for OnePipe

OnePipe is a Nigerian Financial Infrastructure Company TLG Capital, a pan-African alternative investments firm, announced today that it has partnered with OnePipe to provide credit services to the informal sector…

Are there Really Cashless Economies?

Article Written By: Yvonne-Faith Elaigwu, Head of Operations and Governance, OnePipe ‘Cashless’ has probably become one of the most popular words in Nigeria in the last few months. While it…

Women in Fintech: Yvonne Elaigwu of OnePipe Speaks about Future of Payments in Nigeria; Key Trends

Yvonne Elaigwu discusses the future of Nigeria’s payment system, the trends required to drive growth in the country’s fintech space and what it takes to drive the operations of a…

Nigeria’s Earnipay, OnePipe Join Forces to Boost Financial Wellness for Employees

The partnership opens doors for Earnipay to double up on its achievements, with over 200,000 employees, before the end of 2022 and rapidly expand across the African region

Four Ways FMCG Distributors Can Use Embedded Finance to Grow Trade Within Supply Chains

ARTICLE by Ope Adeoye, Chief Plumber, One Pipe