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  • Out There Media, MTN Nigeria Bring RCS to Market

Out There Media, MTN Nigeria Bring RCS to Market

Out There Media presented ground-breaking results of their RCS campaigns for Unilever, the World Health Organization and FilmOne Entertainment

Unilever and Global Alliance Africa Announce Winner of Innovation Exchange Challenge

With her idea for refillable detergent packaging set to revolutionise plastic waste management in rural communities, Rapetswa will now receive £25,000 in milestone-based seed funding, along with training and mentorship,…

How B2B e-Commerce Platforms Facilitate Faster Product Distribution for FMCG Manufacturers

No doubt digital technology is redefining manufacturing, distribution and retailing which in turn reflects on our day-to-day living.

Apply: £25k Worth of Opportunity for SA-based Innovator With Sustainable Plastic Packaging Solutions

The challenge seeks to reward innovators with out-of-the-box ideas and business models capable of reshaping how plastic is used in online retail

A Look at E-commerce Adoption in Northern Nigeria 

Individuals, households, small enterprises, and huge corporations are increasingly turning to the internet for a variety of transactions....A look at e-commerce adoption in Northern Nigeria

Four Ways FMCG Distributors Can Use Embedded Finance to Grow Trade Within Supply Chains

ARTICLE by Ope Adeoye, Chief Plumber, One Pipe