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The Lenovo ThinkBook: Built for Business, Designed for you 

ByYinka Okeowo

Jul 29, 2022
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The global workforce wants computing devices that are stylish and trendy, while offering an excellent level of reliability, security and support, that is needed to match a high-performing business environment. 

For four years running, the Lenovo Thinkpad has made it to the top list of must-have laptops that are fitting for a combination of in-office and work-from-home settings. It ticks the criteria of durability, power, security and more.

If you’re an SMB looking to build competitive edge, and appeal to young tech-savvy professionals, then look no further than embracing the portability, and ease-of-use of modern consumer-oriented devices that will help you empower the next business leaders.

Lenovo ThinkBook
Lenovo ThinkBook

 A new era for business: the purchasing landscape of SMB

With a more dynamic, connected, and innovative workforce, businesses are increasingly matching the modern working style of employers. The purchasing landscape indicates that: 35% of the workforce is comprised of millennials.

This has impacted the buying patterns of SMBs, with 43% of small businesses purchasing PCs that are not only designed for business. Similarly, 22% of mid businesses are doing the same.

Executives are leaning toward more distinctive looking devices, that appeal to the aesthetic design that the modern workforce desires.

It is now more evident than ever, that businesses are leveraging smarter technology, to enhance productivity and collaboration for smartphone-literate workers.

The Lenovo ThinkBook— a brand designed exclusively for small businesses and the new workforce, blurs the lines of work, life, passion, and purpose.

Modern style

The young modern workforce cares about the look, feel and quality of everything. The ThinkBook laptop has a premium feel, is ultra slim and designed for business buyers that are unwilling to make trade-offs in essentials such as, security, reliability, and support services, while satisfying the demand for sleek-looking devices, that bring the familiar smartphone experience to PCs.

The ThinkBook laptop is built with premium materials, anodized aluminum and accentuated with a dual-tone finish.

Advanced Security

Security is paramount when it comes to business laptops.  The ThinkBook laptop has business-grade built-in security features including a single-step authentication and power-on, with the touch fingerprint reader.

It also has a discrete TPM 2.0 to enable Windows 11 security features and user data encryption. Furthermore, the physical ThinkShutter™ camera has a cover for privacy control.

The security features are especially important for many professionals who work from home and need to ensure that all company data is safeguarded. For those who love enjoying a cup of coffee while working, Lenovo has taken device protection to another level.

Lenovo ThinkBook
Lenovo ThinkBook

The ThinkBook has a spill resistant keyboard that is designed to withstand up to 60cc of liquid.

Business-grade Support

Unlike consumer PCs, business PCs come with a portfolio of business-grade services that can be customized according to your business needs.

With 60% of SMBS reporting that PC downtime has increased operational costs, and 53% expressing that downtime negatively impacts on employee productivity, it becomes even more important to have fast-responsive support services.

The Lenovo ThinkBook is supported by a range of business-grade services including Lenovo Premier Support, warranty extensions and upgrades, such as onsite support and an International Warranty Service to minimize possible downtime.

To technically empower the workforce, the ThinkBooks also comes equipped with self-management and maintenance features, which perform, for example, preventive hardware diagnosis and auto-install of necessary updates.

Enhanced Connectivity

Technology dependent industries require fast connectivity, and fast responding devices. Connecting to meetings, sending and receiving emails, and navigating the internet should not be a hassle. 

The intelligent technology capabilities of the ThinkBook are engineered for minimal blockages, made possible by the 8th Generation Intel® Core™ powered processors.

Like the smartphone, the ThinkBook allows you to receive Skype call alerts, and get Windows app updates – even when it is closed and unused. When resumed, the Smart Power On button instantaneously gives you access, or you can use the voice command.

If you are working on the go, you’ll find that the ThinkBook’s RapidCharge gives you 80% battery capacity on one hour’s charge.

 “The Lenovo ThinkBook series is designed with business and consumer needs in mind. The ThinkBook sets the standard for business computing.

Boasting both durability and reliability, you are guaranteed to be productive, no matter where you are working from.

The laptop offers the correct set of tools you need; from high-end processing, cutting-edge touchscreen technology, advanced security and long-lasting battery life,” says Yugen Naidoo, Country Manager Southern Africa.


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