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Treepz Wins GSA Award for Best Industrial Tech Company In Africa

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

Jul 23, 2022

Treepz Inc., has recorded another major win in 2022! In the just concluded Global Startup Awards which took place in Cape Town, South Africa, Treepz bagged the award for Best Industrial Tech Company in Africa 2022.

A win that had over 7500 companies compete from 54 African countries and they still emerged victorious!

Treepz bagged the award for Best Industrial Tech Company in Africa 2022
Treepz bags award for Best Industrial Tech Company in Africa 2022

In 2021, the Global Startup Awards expanded into Africa with objectives focused on finding UN sustainable development goal (SDG) aligned tech innovation solutions with 55 countries competing in 12 categories, including Agri Tech, Health Tech, Industrial Tech and Women in Tech.

Speaking on the event, Co-founders of Loudhailer and GIIG, Jo Griffiths and Caitlin Nash had this to say,

“We know that we need to find millions of solutions if we are going to have any dent in solving the climate crisis, and we know that a lot of those solutions sit here on the African continent. We believe that we can unlock Africa’s growth a lot faster and position it as the tech continent of the future with these proof-points over a few multi-year periods.”

GSA award 2022
The awardees

This year, some winning startups will get funding for their social, environmental or economic impact on the African continent and Treepz qualified in all 3 areas.

This endorsement will continue to help Treepz to contribute its fair share to the United Nations SDGs making cities more resilient and sustainable.

In the last three months alone, Treepz has effectively saved planet earth 519,792 kg of CO2 emissions across Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda. This as a result of passengers sharing rides with Treepz-powered vehicles instead of driving their individual cars.

Treepz bagged the award for Best Industrial Tech Company in Africa 2022
The ceremony

Treepz is one of Africa’s leading shared mobility startups and has established itself with close to 10,000 daily rides completed on its platform.

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As the company begins their 60-day countdown to 3 wholesome years, it is important to note that Treepz has achieved remarkable milestones between these years including completing 1.5 million bookings within 30 months of operations and expanding to Ghana and Uganda with the acquisitions of Stabus and Ugabus in both countries respectively.

Today, Treepz has the number one market share in Ghana and Uganda in less than a year in both countries. Treepz was also one of the few startups to receive a government approval for its operations in Lagos while recently closing out state partnerships for its expansion across Africa.

More About Treepz

More About Treepz

Treepz Inc is building Africa’s largest shared mobility platform, using technology to make transportation predictable, structured, and accessible for every African.

With operations in Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda, Treepz Inc is set to disrupt the transportation sector with unique services such as shared daily rides and transportation software tailored for schools and transport businesses.



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