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COVID-19: FT Africa urges banks to provide hand sanitizers at ATM kiosks



ATM kiosks
ATM kiosks
As part of its cashless campaign to stem the spread of COVID-19, Financial Technology (FT) Africa, the continent’s premier Fintech-focused publication has urged all the banks in Africa to provide hand sanitizers at all ATM kiosks at every location to prevent the spread of the deadly disease.

The Editor-in-Chief of FT Africa, Sola Fanawopo, has therefore appealed to lenders to ensure all-round-the-clock deployment of security guards at all ATM kiosks.

He said The Journal of Hospital Infection had in a recent article explained that the COVID-19 “can remain on surfaces, such as metal, glass or plastic, for up to nine days”.

Sola Fanawopo on IFINCA

Sola Fanawopo

According to the publication, these surfaces include door handles, armrests and electronic devices. “You could then become infected with the virus if you touch your mouth, nose or eyes”, the news publication wrote.

“Therefore”, Fanawopo said in a statement, that “the management of the banks should provide hand sanitizers at all ATM points with strict instructions to the security guards who man the area to watch and ensure the ATM users sanitize their hands before and after using the ATM”.

The process of hand sanitizing should be recorded by “the CCTV cameras and the video footage should be kept safe for a period of time”, the statement further said.

Fanawopo also urged the management of the banks to endeavour to disinfect all the ATM kiosks daily with sodium hypochlorite solution, as an additional means to protect the ATM users and keep the environment clean and safe for all.

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