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Mobile Number Porting: 9mobile biggest gainer as at June – NCC statistics



NCC - Nigerian Communications Commission

. Globacom is the least gainer

In a statistics report published by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), it has emerged that 9mobile has been the biggest gainer of new subscribers porting in from other network service providers in 2020. In the report, 9mobile gained a superior amount of subscribers every month in 2020 yet.

The mobile number porting service is a feature that allows subscribers of a network provider to transfer their SIM cards from one network provider to another without losing their phone numbers.

When the mobile number porting service was first launched in 2013, it came with the promise of being a revolutionary service with many of the service providers embarking on cost-effective campaigns trying to convince subscribers and users of other network providers to jump ship and pitch tents with them.

However, after the noise died down, it looks like many Nigerians are yet to take full advantage of the mobile number portability service. But that does not mean that the service is not being used at all.
With many Nigerians taking to social media to voice their displeasure with the quality of service they are afforded by their various service providers, you can be sure that there are some mobile number portings going on in the background.

According to the NCC report, 9mobile gained 10,964 new subscribers in June, followed closely by Airtel which gained 9,142 new subscribers, while MTN followed in distant third gaining 2,667 with Globacom far off after gaining a paltry 286 new subscribers.

For the month of May, 9mobile led the scoreboard authoritatively with 6,304 new subscribers gained in comparison to Airtel’s 3,524 new subscribers and MTN’s 1,756 new subscribers. In May, Globacom also had a poor outing with just 284 ported subscribers.

In April, 9mobile got 3,829 new subscribers who ported to their network while Airtel followed in close second with 2,246 new subscribers. MTN and Globacom only welcomed 985 and 88 new subscribers respectively.

The story was not different in March as 9mobile raked in 8,225 new subscribers. Airtel received 5,594 new subscribers, while MTN and Globacom received 1,965 and 262 new subscribers respectively .

For the month of February, 9mobile welcomed 5,371 from other networks, while Airtel welcomed 4,580 new subscribers. MTN welcomed 2,515 ported subscribers for the month while Globacom received just 259 ported subscribers.


9mobile welcomed 5,516 ported subscribers to its network, Airtel got 3,009, MTN got 2,669, and Globacom got 455 new subscribers.

According to the statistics published by the NCC, there has been a total of 82,495 mobile number porting in 2020 so far, with 9mobile getting the larger percent of porting subscribers having welcomed 40,209 new subscribers from other service providers.

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