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Nine benefits of Agile Methodology for mobile app development

There are some methods that are used by the businesses for android tablet application development and one of those is the Agile methodology for application development in mobile phones, writes Hermit Chawla



Agile methodology

The development for applications in the mobile phone has brought about a change such that a lot of businesses are now interested in entering filed of application development.

For this reason, the businesses want to enter the field and develop mobile applications that are better and more successful than the one created by their competitors.

There are some methods that are used by the businesses for android tablet application development and one of those is the Agile methodology for application development in mobile phones.

This method is one of the best and consists of many benefits that are highlighted if you read full report.

1. Completing the application before the stipulated deadline:

This is done by the Agile methodology by dividing the given project for android tablet application development into what they call sub modules with each of these denoted a particular deadline so that every part of the project is completed within the deadline and therefore the project as a whole is completed within the deadline.

This prevents the developers not being able to make the deadlines and having to postpone the launch of an app.

When this is done, the app takes lesser time to develop and design and therefore, makes it to the market on time or even before the deadline leading to profits for the business.

2. Developing the mobile application at a quicker pace:

When the businesses use the Agile methodology for development, what happens is the division of the project as a whole into smaller modules known as sub modules which basically divides the different tasks of development, therefore making them easier to do and quicker to complete.

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Therefore these modules are seen as separate smaller projects on their own that have to be completed. These smaller projects are delegated to different teams responsible for particular tasks and therefore take lesser time to complete.

Read full report to find out the other benefits of Agile methodology.

3. Flexibility for updates after the launch of the app:

If the app that the business owns does not allow for any updates, it would be disastrous as the app would very soon become outdated and would be left behind without any users as they would have moved on to an app with better features.


To overcome this particular issue, Agile methodology provides better Return on Investment in android tablet application development such that the app is launched with the basic features to allow updates regularly which would help the app stay up to date with the latest technology.

4. Allowance to change certain aspects without disturbing the other elements:

When the businesses or different organizations step up and create an app of their own, it can very easily backfire for them because there are many issues and risks involved in the development and launch of an app.

However, the Agile methodology allows the users to alter a certain and specific sprints without disturbing or changing the other sprints or any other elements of the code of the mobile application.

5. Developing the application in their own customized way:

When the businesses and the developers use the Agile methodology of mobile application development, it provides them with the option to shape the process of the app development in their own way and according to themselves.

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This does not provide the developers with a certain rulebook that has to be followed while developing the app.

Therefore, developers who know better can use different methods to develop the app and incorporate different features and prepare for the launch of the app. Therefore, the app can be developed as per the deadlines and the instructions of the businesses so that it suits it best.

6. Preventing the bugs and errors that might frequent the app:

When the process of development of the mobile application is going on, it is important to check for any bugs or errors and run certain tests so that these are not found in the app.

Many methods test the running of the app at the last stage of the development of the mobile application such that if any bugs and errors are found at that stage, it may lead to the reversal of many functions or destruction the app.

Therefore, Agile methodology allows for running tests at every small module so that they cannot go further with any errors or bugs and they are solved immediately.

7. Cutting the cost of development for the businesses:

The process of android tablet application development may cost the businesses and the owner organizations a fair amount for all the tasks and the developers being hired.


However, when it comes to the process of development in reality, because of the usage of Agile methodology, the whole task is so well laid out and outlined that the execution too is flawless and therefore, there are no issues detected, thus leading to no extra money spent by the businesses.

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8. Easy management and overlooking of the app development process:

As has been mentioned before, when the businesses use the Agile methodology for application development, the project is divided into smaller modules also known as the sub modules which are handled by different teams and brought together at the end.

Therefore, when the different tasks are separated into small bits, it becomes easy for the manager of the project to overlook the small modules and the problems that have been encountered.

This prevents any hassles that might be related to overlooking the project as a whole which might result in certain problems going undetected.

9. Direct satisfaction of the customers and clients who use the app:

The Agile method of development focuses on the clients and collaborating and working with them for better understanding and knowledge of what they want and expect from this app.

Therefore, if the clients are not happy with the app, being in contact regularly helps so that the required changes can be made to satisfy the clients.

Therefore, the app turns out to be just what the clients and customers expected and does not disappoint as the clients and customers feel that their ideas have been included.

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