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5 Useful Apps to boost your entrepreneurship journey

. To help you get started, here are five must-have Apps for entrepreneurs that do everything from recording your calls to signing documents on the go and even designing presentations from the palm of your hand



5 Apps for entrepreneurs
Apps for entrepreneurs

For many, the need for a self-generated income arose from falling victim to the country’s steadily rising unemployment rate.

And, with the workspace changing at such a rapid pace and technology pivoting traditional roles, diversifying your skill set is a smart idea.

So, if you’re thinking of going the entrepreneurial route, or have already embarked on this path whether on a full-time basis or as a side hustle, your journey can be a lot simpler thanks to the capabilities of your smartphone and the Apps HUAWEI has to offer.

To help you get started, here are five must-have Apps for entrepreneurs that do everything from recording your calls to signing documents on the go and even designing presentations from the palm of your hand:

1.Canva for content creation

When you start a business, you become a jack-of-all-trades. You’re the CEO, accountant and even the designer. Having all these responsibilities is great, but what’s even better is having an App that will simplify design for you, especially if it’s not your strongest skill.

Canva is a free, versatile graphic design App, and video collage create, App that makes design and video editing amazingly simple and, most importantly, fun.

Create stunning logo and poster designs with your photos and videos—even if you’re not a design expert! Design your social media posts and banners. It is available on your Huawei phone and can also be accessed from your computer and laptop so you can jump back into your design work anytime, anywhere.

2. PDF Scanner for meeting your expectations

For most start-ups, resources like printers and scanners may take longer to acquire especially at the beginning stages. However, this doesn’t mean you have to go to others to print, scan or edit your important documents.

This is because Apps like PDF Scanner, are powerful Applications for scanning documents anywhere and anytime. If you spend a lot of time on the move you will be able to send scans to clients and contracts even when you are out of the office.

This is because PDF generation is completely offline and requires no internet connection. It saves your PDF file in history and can be accessed quickly by accessing your recently used documents.

The documents scanned in PDF Scanner are not uploaded to any server for any processing and you can scan almost anything, be it documents, invoices, notes, or business cards, all into PDF files.


3. Never miss an opportunity with Petal Search

With Petal Search you can search for and find virtually any information and multimedia. Offering several ways to search content with its multi search inputs functionality, Petal Search is a convenient search engine that enables users to search content by way of text, voice, or visual search. If you want to learn more about your business, and competitors in the market, or simply use it for research purposes then Petal Search can give you that information.

4. HUAWEI Assistant.TODAY for goal management

The HUAWEI Assistant.TODAY App is your smart personal assistant; it makes things simple. It allows for effortless searches on your smartphone. You can search for things like locally installed apps, memos, emails, and calendar entries, search directly on the default browser, or scan your tailored newsfeed for items of interest.

It comes preloaded on most of the new Huawei phones, and there is a list of older phones that support it, too, through a quick and easy download. HUAWEI Assistant·TODAY is an intelligent, one-stop solution for all your needs, and proves you do not have to do it all yourself, as it conveniently centralises functions and features for ease of access and ease of use in a way Huawei users have not experienced before.

5. HUAWEI Cloud to back up important information

Backing up all your work in the cloud is a smart move. The last thing you want to deal with while navigating your new business, is having to redo everything because you didn’t save, which can happen especially when load shedding suddenly strikes.

This is a cloud storage platform that lets you securely back up, restore, and sync photos, videos, contacts, notes and more for free up to 5GB, with higher storage options available for a minimal fee from as little as R14,99 per month.

You can automatically back-up your Huawei devices onto HUAWEI Cloud at regular intervals when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. And if you lose your device or buy a new one, you can quickly restore your data from a cloud backup.

Technology is enabling people to work and do business anywhere. And tech-savvy professionals especially are leveraging this digitisation to give effect to their innovative ideas and entrepreneurial flair, develop their skills, and grow their side hustles. Make sure your phone is working as hard as you do, visit the HUAWEI AppGallery today and hustle!

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