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Do you want to succeed as an entrepreneur? Consider these

Writer: Joan Aimuengheuwa




Starting a business is amazing, especially when it comes with a positive mindset, available funds and all that’s needed. But then, it goes beyond all these.

Some individuals are eager to become entrepreneurs from an early stage in life, or at some point where they receive inspiration from a person, an event or even themselves.

It’s a beautiful thing of course, but it’s a great journey that requires a lot. If reasons why startups fail are not put into consideration before diving into the entrepreneurship world, the likelihood of closing up is at a high percentage.

You want to become one of the problem solvers? Study the current problem solvers


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Have more than an idea about the sector and the individuals or groups boosting the sector.

Let your mentor be an entrepreneur who have built similar products like you aim to. And of course, they should be from various fields, be diverse.

Who are the people that have made it within your current space? Don’t just run to entrepreneurs outside your space, you’re in a country and there are entrepreneurs thriving and solving problems nationally and internationally. Why not start with them?

Truth be told, several African startups have employed international technical experts to help build their products. But just as some have been successful, others have failed.

“While Africans neglect knowledgeable individuals within their continent, international companies are taking them up”.

Technical know-how


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Digitalisation is the recent global trend and this doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Do you want your business to scale? You need to leverage technology.

Depending on the sector you’re dealing with, you should first of all study, analyse and understand everything the sector is about and all that’s needed to thrive.

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Study both the recorded and unrecorded information about the sector. Go beyond online information to physical meetups.

Make a list of the various departments you’d be needing and get experienced experts in the various fields. Be informed that “an unenthusiastic team can make you stumble”. So, be careful while gathering a team.

Patience: even in the next few years, you’re still a startup; just at different levels


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Don’t be too eager and end up jumping instead of walking. You’re a startup. Don’t ignore continuous research, interviews and surveys. Data is key. Never forget to keep asking questions, trends change.

Learning never ends, start with basic methodologies to help your business thrive and gradually, climb the ladder to the more complex methods.


Attend mentorship programmes, “don’t start by competing, start by learning”.

You wouldn’t just attract big investors at once; they’d want to see the products you’ve built before they step in. So, don’t rush in to build a product that isn’t solid.

Challenges would come; you could even make mistakes after putting everything to be considered on the table, but, “do not drop the baton”.

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