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How to buy MTN Shares through PrimaryOffer app, Agents

Now, MTN Nigeria is selling 575,000,000 Shares at the price of N169 per share.



MTN Shares in Nigeria

MTN has offered 575 Million Shares through public offer. You too can buy!

When you buy MTN Shares, once approved, you have become one of the owners of MTN Nigeria, currently the largest telecommunication company in the country. In other word, you have become one of the MTN Nigeria’s “Shareholders”.

When profits are shared, in form of dividend, you will get a part of the profit based on the number of shares you have in that Company.

Now, MTN Nigeria is selling 575,000,000 Shares at the price of N169 per share.

The minimum number of MTN shares you can buy is 20.

If you want more, you’ll be buying in multiples of 20. That is 40, 60, 80, etc. You can’t buy 30, 45, 62. It has to be in 20 additions.

MTN said if you buy at least 20 Shares and hold it for 1 year, you’ll get extra 1 Share. The maximum bonus for this is 250.

Buying will end on 14th December, 2021.

So, you want to buy the share now?

Here is the step-to-step you can follow to buy the number of MTN Shares you want using your smartphone.

Before we tell you the steps, you need to know there are two major channels you can follow:

  1. PrimaryOffer
  2. Receiving Agent

So, what we are giving you tips on how to use PrimaryOffer.

Step 1: Visit the PrimaryOffer website:

Step 2: Download the PrimaryOffer app. Available for free from the App store for iOS and Google Play Store.

Step 3: Follow the processes to buy after signing Up.

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Okay, you want to use ‘Receiving Agents’; to apply for shares through the Receiving Agents, investors need to:

  • Complete an application form
  • Submit the completed application form and evidence of payment to a Receiving Agent.

You can also call the Customer Support Centre – 070046837862452 or 080MTNOFFER (08068663337).


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