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Zoho Takes on Current Low-Code Market Gaps with New Creator Platform

Bringing in 15 years of expertise in low code, the new unified development platform empowers IT teams and business users to build sophisticated and compliant solutions in a manner that is  secure, easy to use, and custom-fit to solve business challenges



Zoho Creator

Today, Zoho Corporation, a leading global technology company, announced the latest version of its low-code offering, Zoho Creator.

The new version addresses the need for an easy-to-use platform that enables business users (or citizen developers) to create complex and powerful business applications, while empowering the IT teams to place sufficient guardrails and govern usage, ensuring security and compliance.

Zoho Takes on Current Low-Code Market Gaps (1)

Organisations currently face soaring demand for new business software, but existing low-code platforms are either for business users and lack the sophistication needed to develop scalable, enterprise-ready end-to-end tools or are for users with intricate understanding of the application development process.

“The bulk of low-code application development, from customization to automation, can be handled today by users with moderate technical knowledge. Where we see a gap, especially for the mid-market and enterprise, is between building and deployment,” said Hyther Nizam, President MEA, Zoho Corp.

“Currently there isn’t a low-code solution on the market that allows both business users and IT to truly build end to end business solutions. With this update, Zoho’s Creator Platform combines application development, business intelligence & analytics, integrations, and process automation into one single platform while simultaneously enabling IT teams to effortlessly manage ongoing challenges of security, compliance, and governance. Now, organisations can leverage a unified solution for all of their low-code needs, extending the ability to innovate to every employee.”

Zoho Takes on Current Low-Code Market Gaps (1)

The new version of Zoho Creator platform empowers business developers to easily build scalable low-code solutions which include apps, integrations, analytics, and process automation without costly and time-consuming training demanded by complex platforms. It enables 10X faster deployment than any other solution on the market.

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The latest version includes new and enhanced features such as business process blueprinting, AI-enabled smart import, enhanced serverless functions, conversational analytics, centralised governance and a multi-environment setup.

These features help users build a connected ecosystem of solutions while maximising IT teams’ control through a robust end-to-end application development lifecycle management.

Additionally, while other low code platforms help business users in app development, it still often happens in silos and creates the problem of shadow IT.

Zoho Creator

Therefore, the new Creator platform equips IT teams with greater control around governance, security and compliance so that business users (citizen developers) and IT teams can work together to create auto scalable, niche, complex and agile solutions so that organisations can focus on solving business problems and pursue new opportunities.

Zoho Creator Platform Pricing in Naira


Pricing starts at  NGN 7500  per user, per month when billed annually. For comprehensive pricing information, visit here.



  1. yaali

    3 March 2022 at 3:26 PM

    It combines the robust power of: Application development, BI & analytics,
    Smart integrations, and Process automation into one single platform.Zoho Creator 6.0 is really cool.

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