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NCC Stats: Nigeria’s Active Internet Subscriptions hit 150 million in May 2022

Updated telecommunications industry statistics released by the Nigerian Communications Commission shows 2,261,634 increase in active internet subscriptions in Nigeria in May 2022



Active internet subscriptions
Smartphone users surfing the internet

Active internet subscriptions in Nigeria increased to one hundred and fifty million, three hundred and Sixty-three thousand, four hundred and twenty-three (150,363,423) as at May 2022, can report. sighted the updated industry statistics today, July 4, 2022, on the Nigerian Communications Commission website.

Section 89 Subsection 3(d) of the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 (NCA 2003), mandates the Commission to monitor and report on the state of the Nigerian telecommunications industry, provide statistical analyses and identify industry trends with regard to services, tariffs, operators, technology, subscribers, issues of competition and dominance, etc. with a view to identifying areas where regulatory intervention would be needed.

Active internet subscriptions

“In view of this, the Commission regularly conducts studies and surveys and produces reports on the telecommunications industry, and telecommunications operators are obligated, under the terms of the licenses, to provide the NCC with such data on a regular basis for analytical review and publishing”.

In view of this, the updated telecommunications industry statistics released by the NCC indicates 2,261,634 increase in active internet subscriptions in Nigeria in May when compared to148,101,789 active subscriptions recorded in April 2022.

The subscriptions across technology channels show GSM operators recorded 149,781,122 active subscriptions in the month under review; Fixed wired stood at 14,557; ISP (wired/Wireless) operators reported 210,597 active internet subscriptions and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) operators have 357,147.

The NCC statistics further show that among the four GSM operators, Airtel recorded 41, 397,855 active internet subscribers in May. With this, Airtel recorded 1,105.199 more internet users in May than in April in which it accounted for 40,292,656.

For 9mobile, the network has been losing subscribers (internet) as it recorded 5,378,618 less users than it did in April when it reported 5,444,451 users.

Globacom remains stable. In May, the GSM operator recorded 39,905,618 internet users which is an increase by 5,755 users when compared to 39,899,863 active users it reported in April 2022.

MTN Nigeria remains the dominant network in the active internet subscriptions space. In May, MTN increased its active internet users by 1,287,097 to reach 63,099,031 users when compared to 61,811,952 it recorded in April 2022.

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