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Gokada launches Super App, takes on Ibadan with ultimate job creation goal

In analysis, the move by Gokada will amazingly provide job opportunities for residents in the State.



Gokada launches Super App
Gokada launches Super App

Gokada is taking absolute advantage of the evolving e-commerce and logistics sector. The company is increasing its reach into various parts of Nigeria, starting with Ibadan, taking hold of the high and increasing demand within the sectors.

Subsequent to launching its ride-hailing service in Lagos, Nigeria, 2018, Gokada had to switch services to logistics (Gsend) and food delivery (GShop) when the Lagos State Government placed a ban on tricycle and motorcycle services.

The ban, which affected six Local Government Areas, nine Local Council Development Areas, 40 bridges and flyovers and 10 major highways, was enforced with absolute monitoring by security operatives to prevent default across the State. 

Although the goal was to resolve the problems brought about by the sector, including accidents, illegal operations, among others, the ban affected both riders and operators in terms of timing to destinations and means of livelihood. 

Rather than Gokada counting a loss, the company channelled its focus into other sectors. Currently, the last mile courier delivery solution company is bouncing back to its ride-hailing services with expansion into Ibadan.

In line with Gokada’s service expansion plan, the company recently launched its Super App, making its expansion strategy even better. 

The company will begin operations in Ibadan starting with food delivery (GFood) and logistics services (GSend). The idea is to resume ride-hailing (GRide) and e-commerce (GShop) later in the year.

In analysis, the move by Gokada will amazingly provide job opportunities for residents in the State. This applies both in the logistics and ride-hailing sectors, food delivery services, among other areas.

Gokada also plans to leverage the expansion in building its G-partners, increasing the numbers and making more impacts. This will ultimately increase the company’s riders, including Godaka’s G-pilots and external riders with their own bikes.

Through the Gokada GFood menu in its Super App, the company has already partnered with over 100 restaurants to serve as dispatch riders to their customers. 

Following a successful deployment of the App in Ibadan, Gokada will begin further expansion in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Ogun. 


​Joan Aimuengheuwa is a content writer who takes keen interest in the scopes of innovation among African startups. She thrives at meeting targets and expectations. Contact: [email protected]

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